Nine Hundred Auto-Parts Firms Short-listed for Top 100 'Most Competitive' Auto Parts Suppliers Award 2010

SHANGHAI, June 23 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- There are 900 auto-parts companies short-listed for the primary selection list of the Top 100 "Most Competitive" Auto Parts Suppliers Award 2010," ( ), one of the event's organizers, recently told the media.

The selection of Top 100 "Most Competitive" Auto Parts Suppliers Award 2010 is jointly organized by China's noted auto industry e-commerce portal and China International Auto Parts Expo (CIAPE), under the aegis of China's Ministry of Commerce. The final list of the Top 100 "Most Competitive" Auto Parts Suppliers will be announced in Beijing at the end of September after the second and final selections.

In recent years, China's auto industry has developed rapidly, and market competition has also gone through dramatic changes. While some "dark horses" such as BYD have emerged in the auto-making sector, how is the competition going in the Chinese auto parts market?

China's auto parts market has seen increasingly fierce competition. The selection of the most competitive 100 auto-parts suppliers is intended to reveal the changes in the competitive auto parts market. A large number of auto-parts buyers, auto technology experts and auto industry executives have participated in the selection.

In the first phase of selection, which ended on May 31, a total of about 3,000 companies applied for the event or were recommended by buyers. After the three-month primary selection, more than 900 auto parts companies will enter the next round of selection.

The recommendation and selection in the first phase were conducted by buyers and experts from China's all auto-making companies, China-based sourcing centers of global automakers and the sourcing divisions of global auto-parts manufacturers.

An analysis of the 900-plus auto-parts companies short-listed for the next selection shows the following characteristics:

1. The Chinese auto parts market competition is still in a "Warring       States" period.    2. Foreign auto parts companies still command absolute advantage in       high-tech fields.    3. Local auto parts companies are rapidly emerging in many fields.    4. Newcomers from other industries have great potentials in the auto-parts       market.    5. Aftermarket auto parts companies are accelerating their entry into the       OEM market.    6. There are mixed results for commercial vehicle parts companies to enter       into the passenger vehicle parts field.
The 900 short-listed candidates for the 100 most competitive auto parts suppliers were selected on the basis of the companies' application or buyers' recommendation. The organizers have carried out a comprehensive assessment of the suppliers' operating conditions, technical conditions, customer data, equipment investment, quality control, delivery capacity, human resources and production capacity, and then combined these factors with buyers' appraisals of the suppliers' performance.

As the selection has attracted more buyers and suppliers than expected, the organizers will extend the period of this event, to announce the final results at the China International Auto Parts Exposition 2010 in Beijing in September. The list of 300 short-listed candidates will be released at the end of July after the second round of selection.