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TU890, Intrinsically Safe Module Terminal Board ABB NEW & ORIGINAL 1 YEAR WARRANTY

    • Application: TU890, intrinsically safe...
    • OEM No/Model: TU890, Intrinsically ...
    • Market Type:After Market 
    • FOB Price: USD 99
    • Other Price Term: CIF
    • Payment Terms: T/T
    • Samples: Not Available
    • Minimum Order: 1Piece/Pieces

Quick Details

  • Warranty:

    1 Year

  • Min. order:

    1 pieces

  • Lead time:

    3 days

  • Advantages:

    Competitive Price

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    Not Available

  • Delivery Time:

    Factory Seal

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    New And Original

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    61% - 70%

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Product Name:TU890, Intrinsically Safe Module Terminal Board ABB NEW & ORIGINAL 1 YEAR WARRANTY

TU890, Intrinsically Safe Module Terminal Board ABB NEW & ORIGINAL 1 YEAR WARRANTY


TU890, intrinsically safe module terminal board ABB NEW & ORIGINAL 1 YEAR WARRANTY

Product Description:

OEM No/Model: TU890, Intrinsically Safe Module Terminal Board ABB NEW & ORIGINAL 1 YEAR WARRANTY

TU890, intrinsically safe module terminal board ABB NEW & ORIGINAL 1 YEAR WARRANTY



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Our services 

Packing & Delivery
1)100% full New!  Original Factory Seal !
2)Warranty: 12 months!
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4)Delivery time: Shipped in 3 days after payment
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1. We only provide the original new items, 100% make sure the best quality!
2.1 year warranty GUARANTEE OF QUALITY (After Our Delivery Date).


Pushmatic P115 15 Amp 1 Pole 
Siemens Q24040 Quad 40/40 One 2 Pole, Two 1 Pole 40AMP 
Siemens LK2125 Main Lug Kit 2 Pole 125 AMPS
SIEMENS NGB NGB1B020 20 amp 1 pole 347v 
Siemens BQ2B030 30 amp bolt on 120/240
ITE QP2B090 QP2-B090 90 amp 2 pole plug in 120/240 
siemens HED41B020 20 AMP 1 Pole 277V HED4 
Siemens 2 Pole 45 Amp 240 Volt type BQ Circuit Breaker Cat:BQ2B045
Siemens B230 type BL2 pole 30 amp 120/240 
ITE QP2B070 70 AMP2 Pole Circuit Breaker Q270 
Siemens 3VU1300-1NH00 2-3.2 amp 
Bussmann Fuse reducers 100 Amp to 60 Amp Cat: 616 NIB
Westinghouse 2 Pole 60 Amp Circuit Breaker Cat: BAB2060 
Siemens TA3MG500 3 Barrel Lug - ONLY 1 LUG
ITE Siemens BQ3B015
Siemens Sirius 3RV1021-4AA10 
Siemens Sirius 3RV1021-1AA10 
Siemens ITE BQ2B060 2P 240V 60A 
BQ2B020 BQ2B020L 2 pole 20 amp 
Siemens 5SX2 D8
Siemens 3VU1300-1MH00 1.6-2.4 amp 
BQ2B015 BQ2B015L 2 pole 15 amp 
Siemens Q235 35 AMP2 Pole 120/240VAC 
5SX22 SIEMENS 2 pole din rail 480v with 5SX9 1 C4 
Siemens Q245 45 AMP 2 Pole Type QP 120/240VAC 

Siemens 2 Pole 20 Amp 240 Volt 10k AIC Type BQ Cat: BQ2B020
E21B020 Gould ITE 1pole 20 amp 120 voltE2 
Siemens Q270 2 pole70 amp plug in circuit breaker QP 120/240 
SiemensQ230 Circuit Breaker30 AMP 2 Pole 120/240 V 60 Hz
BQ2B050 2 pole 50 amp 120/240v BQ SIEMENS 
Siemens BQD BQD120 20 AMP 1 Pole 
Gould ITE BQ2B030 30 amp 2 pole 
5SX22 SIEMENS 2 poledin rail 480v withVDE0660 
Allen Bradley X-157433 1NO-1NC Contact for 800S 
Siemens Q235 35 AMP2 Pole 120/240VAC 
Square D Homeline HOM230 2P 240V 30 AMP
Siemens Q250 CircuitBreaker 50 AMP 2 Pole 120/240V 
Siemensneutral kit HN612 30amp 
Allen Bradley 1492-ACBS1 
Acme Electric Coil Cat: FGA-5586
ITE EQ-P 2 pole 30 amp Q230 EQ230 EQP230 plug in 120/240v
Siemens ITE Gould BQ2B030 2 Pole 30 Amp120/240 VAC 
5SY61 Siemens C2 230/400V 1 pole 
Pushmatic ITE Bulldog 31120 20 AMP 1 Pole 120/240 
Siemens Q250 CircuitBreaker 50 AMP 2 Pole Type QP 120/240
ITE BQ2B050 50amp 2 pole bolt on circuit breaker 120/240volt
Siemens 2 pole 60 amp plug on circuit breaker cat: Q260 Type
Siemens 2 Pole 40 Amp 240 volt circuit breaker Cat: Q240 type Q
5SX22 SIEMENS 2 poledin rail 480v C6
Siemens Q115 15 AMP1 Pole 120/240 VAC
Siemens 2 pole 60 amp 240 volt circuit breaker Cat: Q260 
QT2020 Siemens typeQT tandem 20 amp 1 pole 120/240v 
Siemens 2 pole 20 amp 240 Volt Type BQ2BCircuit Breaker Cat: BQ2B020
Siemens EE1-H0201 pole 20 amp 277 Vac 
Siemens BQCH1B020 20AMP 1 Pole 
Siemens BQ1B020 20AMP 1 Pole 
Gould ITE E41B015 15 amp 277 volt 
Siemens BQD120 20AMP1 Pole 
Siemens ITE BQ2B0502 Pole 50 Amp 120/240V 
Pushmatic P115 15 Amp 1 Pole 120v ITE SIEMENS 
Siemens Q220 20 AMP2 Pole 120/240VAC 
Siemens B120HH 1 pole 20 amp 65kA
Siemens Tandem / Twin 20/20 Amp CircuitBreaker Cat: Q2020 
ITE QP1-B040 40 AMP1 Pole 
Siemens Tandem / Twin 15/15 Amp CircuitBreaker Cat: Q1515 
Q150 Siemens QP 1P 120V 50A 
Siemens Q120 CircuitBreaker 20 AMP 1 Pole 120/240V 
Siemens Q240 40 AMP2 Pole 120/240V 1 phase 10kA
Siemens B130 30 AMP1 Pole Circuit Breaker BL bolt on 120/240 volt
Q150 ITE Siemens type Q 1 pole 50 amp 
Siemens 2 Pole 60 Amp Circuit Breaker Cat: Q260
Siemens Q230 30 AMP2 Pole 120/240VAC
Q115 Siemens 15 Amp1 Pole 120V 
Siemens Q1515 TandemCircuit Breaker 15AMP 120/240 v 
I-T-E Q130 30 AMP 1Pole Type QP 
Siemens Q130 30 AMP1 Pole 120/240 VAC
Siemens Q2020tandem single pole 20 amp 120/240v 
Hubbell 20 Amp 120 Volt Plug Cat: HBL5366C
Siemens 1 Pole 20 Amp 120/240V Bolt on Circuit Breaker Cat:BQ1B020

American FPE FederalPacific HN633120 22kAIC@480V 
Federal Pacific NM632700 700 AMP 3 Pole600 
FPE Federal PacificHM632700 HM631700 3P700A 600V 
FPE NFJ631225R 225amp rotary switch 600 volt 
NFJ431150 AmericanFPE type NFJ 150 amp480 volt 22kA 
Federal Pacific FPENFJ631100R 100 amp 600 volt
Federal Pacific Electric NEJ233200 NEJ233200SEJ3 200AMP
Federal Pacific FPENJL1 
FPE Federal Pacific NEF NEF631020 
Federal Pacific NFJ1FPE Circuit Breaker Mounting HardwareKit 225A for NFJ
Federal Pacific NEJ3Twin Circuit Breaker Mounting Hardwarefor NEJ frames
Federal Pacific NEJ1Twin Circuit Breaker Mounting Hardwarefor NEJ frames
FPE NA360 Flat Top NA 3P 240V 60A 
Federal Pacific FPEtype NE NE233060 3P60A 240V with 120V +48V 
FPE Federal Pacific Challenger TypeNB100 Bolt in Main Breaker NB2100 2B100
Federal Pacific FPENEF431070R 70 amp rotarty style 480 volt
Federal Pacific NEF3Twin Mounting Hardware Kit KBPD BDP FDP
Challenger 2 Pole 150 Amp 240 Volt Circuit Breaker Cat: QFP2150
NB2100 FPE Federal Pacific type NB bolton 100 amp 2 pole 120/240 
FPE KBDP-3C Direct Replacement by Hardware Connection Co NFJ3 
Federal Pacific Circuit Breaker NEJ233150 3-pole 150-amp 240-volt
Federal Pacific NEF435040 40 AMP 
Federal Pacific NB221100H 100 AMP 2 Pole22KAIC Circuit Breaker NB2100H 
FPE NB2100 2 Pole 100 Amp 240 V with Hump 
FPE 3 Pole 30 Amp 120/240 Volt Circuit Breaker Cat: NA330
NA240 Federal Pioneer Stab Lok 2 pole 40amp 120/240v
FPE NB2100 2 Pole 100 Amp 240 V with 
FPE 1 pole 15 amp plug on Type NA ground Cat: NAGF15
FPE NA120GFI 20 AMP1 Pole Ground FaultCircuit Breaker NA120GF 
NAGF115 Federal Pacific 15 amp 
NAGF120 Federal Pacific 20 amp 
FPE NC0250 F0250 thin NC50 amp 120/240v 
NEF431020 Circuit Breaker FPE 20 AMP 3Pole 480 Vac 
FPE NC0240 F0240 thin NC40 amp 120/240v 
FPE NEF NEF4310203 pole 20 amp 480 
Federal Pacific FPENEF433020 3 pole 20amp type NEF 480 
Federal Pacific FPENEF433015 3 pole 15amp type NEF 480 
Federal Pacific FPENBH220 2 pole 20 amp120/240 vac 
UBIF220 UBI Inc 2 Pole 20 amp 120/240 

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