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There are nearly thousands of fastener producers in China, 90% of which are small and medium-sized enterprises. According to the business scale, the top 4 enterprises are Shandong Gaoqiang Fasteners Co., Ltd., Shanghai Hongji Metal Prdoucts Co., Ltd., Wuhu Qiangzhen Automobile Fasteners Co., Ltd., Autocraft Industrial Ltd. The industry is mainly distributed in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong, with Ningbo and Haiyan in Zhejiang as the largest manufacturing sites, whose most products are exported to Europe.

So far,Chinese auto fastener producers are all authorized with TS 16946 Certificate and products mainly focus on low-calue-added, high energy-consuming, resources-and labor-intensive products. Nevertheless, some of these enterprises are in the world leading position.

Generally speaking, the average price of China-made fasteners perton is lower than that of Korea, Japan, and Chinese Taiwan.
Statistics show that demand satisfaction rate of the Chinese auto fastener category is above 60%. The production capacity of low-end products far exceeds the market demand.