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Brake Shoe Nissan Isuzu Daewoo Hyundai Kia

Brake Shoe Nissan Isuzu Daewoo Hyundai Kia


OEM No/Model:  Japanese And Korea Model

Market Type:  After Market

Packing:  Bulk order quantity for customer brand packing
Small quantity for netural packing

Samples:  Charge

Maximum Prodcution Capacity:  100,000 sets per month

Delivery Time:  35-40 days

Quality Certification:  ISO 9001

Place of origin:  CHINA

Export Ratio:  81% - 90%

Price Terms:  FOB

Delivery Port:  Shanghai,Ningbo

Other Price Terms:  CNF,CIF

Minimum Order:  100 sets



Production Description:

Product Name: Brake shoe Nissan Isuzu Daewoo Hyundai Kia

Our Brake Shoes is widely known for their superior engineering. They are also famous for their precision machining. Leveraging on the years of experience, we also manufacture customized range of brake shoes at very reasonable rates. Our Brake shoes are tested on extreme temperature conditions to be assured of their superlative quality.


 FBK NO     MK NO  
F501 K501
F503 K503
F504 K504
F506 K506
F507 K507
F508 K508
F509 K509
F510 K510
F512 K512
F514 K514
F516 K516
F517 K517
F518 K518
F519 K519
F520 K520
F521 K521
F522 K522
F524 K524
F527 K527
 FBK NO     MK NO  
F902 K902
F903 K903
F904 K904
F905 K905
F907 K907
F908 K908
F909 K909
F910 K910
F913 K913
F914 K914
F915 K915
F917 K917
F918 K918
F919 K919
F920 K920
F921 K921
F923 K923
F927 K927
F928 K928
F931 K931
F932 K932
F933 K933
F934 K934
F937 K937
F938 K938
F940 K940
F942 K942
F943 K943
F944 K944
F947 K947
F950 K950
F951 K951
F952 K952
F955 K955
 FBK NO     MK NO  
F100 K100
F101 K101
F102 K102
F103 K103
F105 K105
F113 K113
F114 K114
F116 K116
F119 K119
F121 K121
F122 K122
F130 K130
F131 K131
F134 K134
F135 K135
F136 K136
F137 K137
F139 K139
F140 K140
F143 K143
F145 K145
F146 K146
F146A K146A
F147 K147
F148 K148
F149 K149
F150 K150
F151 K151
F152 K152
F153 K153
F154 K154
F155 K155
F156 K156
F157 K157
F158 K158
F159 K159
F160 K160
F161 K161
F162 K162
F163 K163
F164 K164
F167 K167
F168 K168
F169 K169
F170 K170
F171 K171
F174 K174
F175 K175
F176 K176
F177 K177
F178 K178
F179 K179
F182 K182
F183 K183
F185 K185
F189 K189
F192 K192
F193 K193
F196 K196
F197 K197
F198 K198
F1093 K1093
F1201 K1201
F1202 K1202
F1204 K1204
F1208 K1208
F1210 K1210
F1213 K1213
F1217 K1217
F1221 K1221
 FBK NO     MK NO  
F300 K300
F301 K301
F302 K302
F307 K307
F308 K308
F315 K315
F316 K316
F317 K317
F318 K318
F319 K319
F320 K320
F321 K321
F322 K322
F323 K323
F324 K324
F325 K325
F326 K326
F327 K327
F328 K328
F329 K329
F330 K330
F331 K331
F332 K332
F333 K333
F334 K334
F335 K335
F336 K336
F337 K337
F338 K338
F339 K339
F340 K340
F342 K342
F343 K343
F344 K344
F345 K345
F347 K347
F348 K348
F349 K349
F350 K350
F351 K351
F352 K352
 FBK NO     MK NO  
F355 K353
F356 K356
F357 K357
F358 K358
F361 K361
F362 K362
F363 K363
F364 K364
F365 K365
F366 K366
F367 K367
F368 K368
F369 K369
F370 K370
F371 K371
F372 K372
F373 K373
F374 K374
F375 K375
F378 K378
F379 K379
F380 K380
F384 K384
F385 K385
F386 K386
F387 K387
 FBK NO     MK NO  
F402 K402
F404 K404
F405 K405
F409 K409
F410 K410
F411 K411
F413 K413
F416 K416
F417 K417
F418 K418
F419 K419
F420 K420
F421 K421
F422 K422
F425 K425
F426 K426
F427 K427
F428 K428
F429 F429
F430 F430
F431 K431
F432 K432
F433 K433
F434 K434
F435 K435
F438 K438
F441 K441
F442 K442
F443 K443
F444 K444
F447 K447
F448 K448
F451 K451
F452 K452
F455 K455
F458 K458

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